It really saddened me to hear the news of the lady who passed away after jumping out of the car which her ex husband was driving – he kidnapped her. They’ve been divorced for 4 months and he was an abusive spouse. I heard the news over the radio this morning while driving to work that she passed away after 4 days in coma leaving behind two sons.

But it just broke my heart to pieces when I saw a picture of the two boys in the newspaper, taken while they were waiting for their mother’s body to leave the hospital. I cannot imagine their pain and sadness. I wish I could hug them and make them feel better, even if slightly better though I know nothing can ease their sadness except for Allah’s grace to grant both of them ease through this very tough times. They were pictured with their grandmother.

It is a reminder for us to cherish what we have, really cherish. Be grateful and give many thanks to Allah for his blessings. And shower our loved ones with as much love as possible and provide them with the best care we can and most importantly guide them with the intention of having a permanent life with them in Jannah in the Hereafter Insha Allah. This life after all is temporary.

We sometimes get too caught up with this world that we forget death is inevitable, and therefore so is separation with loved ones.

This is more a reminder to myself than anyone else. I seek Allah’s forgivness for my sins, the sins of my family, friends, may He protect us all from Hellfire and grants us a place in Jannah.