So 33 weeks along Alhamdulillah. How do I feel? Heavier – yes. Difficulty sleeping – yes. Excited for PCIII’s arrival – yes, yes and yes. Can’t believe Seth Omar will be an abang soon – yes, my darling baby boy, all grown up, well not too much, you are still mummy’s baby until you’re 30? err ok la 25 haha.

I have been working from home the past two weeks, and I must say its an arrangement that I can definitely get used to. Seth Omar plays in the study with me while I work, and when he needs attention I take a break, its not all smooth sailing of course; he sometimes insists to sit on the chair with me and help compose the rest of my email (i.e. wants to hit the laptop keypads). But I can get about 1 hour of work done. Real solid work starts when he is down for his naps – that when I start rolling!

I like the ability to be with Seth Omar all day and still work (not like taking care of a toddler is not work, it most definitely is), what I meant was office/career work. Working from home allows me to have additional interaction time with him, meals together, snack too, AND he gets to watch me work. I believe that’s important. I want Seth Omar to learn to work hard, play hard and love hard! Give it all. He cannot expect things things to fall on his lap, nor expect others to pick up after him.

Sidetracking a bit — Malas is one thing I will surely not tolerate in Seth Omar, Nauzubillah. Malas is the root cause of many problems and eventual failures. Being responsible is key, that is a trait I hope Seth Omar picks up and I pray I will be able to instill in him from now. Just the simplest of things like cleaning up after you play is responsibility. Don’t expect mummy to do it. It takes discipline too to ensure he practices it.

Now back to the work hard, play hard, love hard motto – I’m not really a ‘work smart’ believer, success needs real sweat and unfortunately tears too. Its the same with raising a child. Its take real effort; from the parents, not more the maid than the parents. Seth Omar has swimming lessons every Saturday morning, bright and early at 9:30 am. It takes effort for me to go in the pool that early haha but its rewarding. Watching him hold his breath as he takes a few seconds dive in the pool is amazing, and its just pure fun!

I hope there will be an opportunity in the future to make working from home a permanent arrangement, maybe not all 5 days in a week, but ultimately less time in the office. Especially now that the team will be expanding with the arrival of PCIII insha Allah.

In the meantime, I do the best I can, cos thats what I should do and the only thing I can do.