I’ve been having difficulty sleeping at night; just dont seem to be sleepy until about 4:30am and finding a comfortable position is tricky too. If I werent this far along in my pregnancy, I would have gotten one of those massive long pillows which is supposed to be heaven-sent for pregnant moms. But I will be turning 34 weeks soon so best to just make do with the bolsters and pillows.

Anyway, bad enough that I only sleep at 4:30am, I have to get up by 6:15am for Subuh and leave for work before 6:45. Yes, that early because the traffic jam is just insane! I left at 7am yesterday morning and only reached the office at 8:40. Close to 2 bloody hours on the road. While stuck in the not-moving-at-all traffic, I was seriously concerned if one of these days I might just go into labor while stuck in a jam! (Nauzubillah). I would make the news for sure! haha.

Thankfully I did some research and spoke to a few of my colleagues on the best route to take. It is a science! — A mere 10 or 15 minutes makes a big difference i.e. leaving then house just 10 minutes earlier/later would decide whether you enjoy smooth flowing traffic or get horribly stuck.

The traffic condition has worsened ever since I got back from Paris — due to the MRT, LRT road expansion works that are going on. I guess its a necessary ‘pain’ we have to endure for now to make way for easier and more accessible commuting in the future.

I am at least glad that I’ve found a sane route to work (but I must leave before 6:45am) and I’m definitely looking forward to my maternity leave when for a while I will be spared from this traffic madness.