I was telling Dad while we were sitting on the buai (swing) by the river enjoying the Sunday breeze – how lucky we are to have the weekend home in Gombak.

It was my dad’s project (more like hobby actually) for a whole year. The house (can even call it a complex) was designed and built by him from scratch. He didnt lay the bricks of course, his team did, but he was on site almost everyday supervising the whole process.

Now, we are enjoying the fruits of his efforts, including his grandsons, Seth Omar and Noah Iskandar, who are such itiks! They love spending time in the pool, kolam mata air, the river, and they are so blessed to wake up and be around such greenery. Their parents i.e. us are lucky that we dont have to travel miles to enjoy such beauty. Our weekend home is just 15 mins away from KLCC.

Dad loves taking both Seth and Noah for walks in the morning, he has been doing it with Seth ever since habis pantang. And a pit stop by the river is a must.

A message for Seth Omar:

My dear Seth Omar, Atok looks forward to you waking up every morning. And the minute you do Atok carries you and takes you for a walk, without fail. He would walk around the whole compound with you. All the way pointing out things for you to observe and enjoy. Mommy would use this time to prepare your breakfast. When Atok is older you must remember that despite your weight (12+ kg and counting), Atok never complained or got tired of carrying you and bringing you around to enjoy the morning. You should never tire too, to make him feel the same joy you feel when he dips your baby feet in the pool, or points out to the fishes in the pond, the big trees surrounding the house. Never compain sayang..try and bring as much joy to Atok and Opah as you can. Both Atok and Opah love you unconditionally and have already done so much for you. Be a good cucu sayang, never ever hurt their feelings.