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Everyone has been raving about the Christmas market in Strasbourg and how it would be a complete sin to miss it. So I thought ok, I better do this, or it might haunt me for a lifetime, or annoy all the nerves in me if someone were to say “What? You were in Paris in December and did not go to the Marche Noel in Strasbourg?!”

So I bought the train tickets and booked the apartment. The apartment was slightly pricey but worth every Euro cos the location was absolutely perfect. Just 2 minutes’ walk from the famous cathedral and the market (of course), AND it was on the prettiest street in Strasbourg; the shops had the best Christmas decorations and façade, hands down! And in Strasbourg Christmas décor is serious, I mean serious business, as is evident in the pictures I’ve posted. My favourite is the giant gingerbread man at the Office de Tourisme. Too cute.

Weather was as expected; chillier than in Paris. Seth Omar still insisted on removing his gloves. But the moment he shuts his eyes for a nap, I take the opportunity to put it on again. My adult hands still feel a bit sejuk despite having leather gloves on, what more his baby hands!

I bought everything I liked and especially those that would remind me of Strasbourg, I know I would bound to regret if I didn’t. Oh why did I just buy one of these? I should have gotten the set of table napkins.. etc etc. Leaving no room for regrets, I came back to Paris with a good amount of stuff. Pat on the back!

I am glad we only stayed for a night, the city is beautiful especially with the Christmas décor and all, but two nights would’ve been too much time in the city. We got first class tickets for the train, so it was a very comfortable ride to Strasbourg and back to Paris.