I had the experience of a lifetime last night; well it adds to a list of other lifetime experiences I’ve been fortunate to have, Alhamdulillah including listening to the national orchestra of Paris under the Louvre Pyramid, landing in South Africa (yes, I don’t know why I got so emotional when I arrived in Cape Town), standing just a glass display away from the Prophet’s sword, a strand of his beard in Topkapi, Istanbul, and of course nothing tops giving birth to my two darling boys, Ali Omar, insha Allah Mummy will see you again in Jannah, and Seth Omar whom I pray will also be a member of Jannah. May Allah keep all of us away from the Hell fire.

Back on the topic of lifetime experiences, last night I watched my very first opera! It was a hair-standing experience, literally. When the tenor hit the high note, my hair stood like it was listening to the national anthem of Hair Country!
It was at the Opera House in La Bastille, not the Palais Garnier (opposite Galaries Lafayette). It was a decision between charming classic venue and the performance. The only ones available at the moment in the grand Palais Garnier is a ballet performance. But at La Bastille, it was Tosca by Puccini, according to my all-things-art enthusiast, was the perfect opera.

The decision was not tough, I have seen the architectural splendour of the Palais Garnier, but I would bet that we won’t be having any good (what more excellent) opera performances in Kuala Lumpur. Come to think of it don’t think we’ve had any opera shows in KL, ever. So there, I wanted to be able to cross “watched an opera” of my to-do list. And Tosca is an Italian opera, so all the drama, the tenor, sopranos, of course tragic plots were there. I enjoyed myself, the tones and sheer power of their voices was beyond amazing, the well thought stage production, fully packed auditorium, and I must say elegant crowd (tres chic!). It was an excellent evening.

We had two intermissions; and the mom in me saw me whipping out my phone instantly to check on Seth Omar. He did go hunting for me around the house, and slept way past his usual bedtime, but all was well. I paid for it this morning of course, he would not let go off me. The type of situations where I wished I was a home-maker and did not have to work, or I owned my own business which was doing well enough to run without me occasionally, with the help of professional managers. Yes, yes a girl can dream, but who knows what the future holds, my dreams may just come true (Amin!)

I am not fond of OOTDs, but wish I took a shot of myself yesterday, wore a knit dress, straight cut, which hugged my bump perfectly. Side note on OOTDs, I think Instagram has caused a lot of people to become vain (for some, very vain) posting pictures of their outfits every day or outfits which they think would get them 1000 likes. May Allah protect us from becoming those.

It was raining when we got out of the opera house, and of all days I left my umbrella in another bag. But I must say it was the perfect weather to complement the evening. Slight rain, coolness in the air, joining the crowd making their way to the Metro station, with the La Bastille statue standing proud behind us. Ah, what an evening. Thank you Allah for this blessing.