Weather in Paris is a lot cooler compared to when we arrived in March, expected since its autumn. I personally prefer cooler temperatures than the warm summer days that we had. There were days in summer that was so hot, all that was missing is the humidity and it’d be KL weather, well almost.

I have the luxury of walking to work; a pleasant 6 minutes walk; slightly longer in heels (which I wore almost every day but stopped the last two weeks, cos the bump is getting bigger and I want to avoid damaging my back, but have not gone completely flat either, have opted for the convenient in-between, wedges!)

Anyway, yes its a short walk; joy compared to the the horrible traffic we go through in KL. I make it a point to take deep breaths during these walks, breath in the cool air, visualise it being passed on to PC III. I really hope you’re enjoying it as much as Mummy is sayang. I attended a pre natal yoga class once and the instructor mentioned that taking deep breaths is one of the best gifts you can give your baby.

Have been snacking a lot on clemetine and strawberries in this trimestre. In the first trimester, it was peaches and apples. But peaches are now out of season, and clementine are in, so clementine it is. I have been taking decaf cappucino (read decaf) once in the morning when I’m at work, a small cup, about 2 oz. I cant take any more than that, wont be able to finish. The only coffee I CAN finish in tall, is Starbuck’s caramel macchiato; but have not had that in a long while. I hope my decaf coffee intake does not add extra ‘ligat’ miles with PC III later when PC III makes the debut insha Allah.