It was refreshing to be out of Paris, even if it was just for the weekend. And Saint Malo turned out to be the perfect choice. Just 3 hours away by train from Paris, Saint Malo is a walled-city surrounded by the sea, in the region of Britanny or Bretagne in French. I was worried that it might rain, but weather was just right, cool wind and sun – the best weather condition combo.

Seth Omar needless to say enjoyed his time by the beach. It was such a sight to see him walk on his own, with the occasional fall-on-butt (FOB). He got sand on his hands (of course his pants etc too) each time he had a FOB, but I was very pleased that he made no attempt to lick the sand of his hands, or rub it on his face. He would just glance quickly at his hands with an “Hmmm I got more of this grainy stuff on my hands” look, then continued walking.

We also managed to squeeze a short drive to Cancale, just 18km away from Saint Malo for some fresh oysters. And the oysters don’t get any fresher than this, literally just out of the sea. Marie Christine, a good friend of mine whose parents live in Saint Malo, and happened to be back for the weekend drove us there.

Before we get to the oysters, I must write about the pier … we walked on the pier in Cancale, and it was one of those moments; the type you would remember till your memory fails you. At the start of the pier, Seth Omar motioned to get off his stroller, so I removed the straps, put him on his feet, held his baby hands, and we walked along the pier hand in hand all the way till the end. With the cool wind blowing, I made sure to take deep breaths so Precious Cargo III could get a taste of it too. The walk on the pier was like detox, I am sure it took some months off my ageing process (exaggeration, but seriously, it was THAT refreshing).

Now, back to the oysters! There was a small marche just by the beach. About 6-7 stalls, all selling oysters of different types. Cancale is lined with restaurants offering oysters too, but I preferred getting them fresh from the sellers, have the oysters being cracked open right in front of me, then sit by the beach and enjoy them. It was excellent. I don’t like anything on my oysters, love them raw as is. No lemon, nothing.

I’m glad we managed to go on this short getaway; the fresh air definitely did us some good, slept so well and reenergised to face work. I am definitely a beach-sorta person. I love it more than the city. I am quite sure Seth Omar loves the beach too.