Our little one walked for the first time last night. He stood up, which he has mastered for a while, saw him take a step which he has also done, then I saw him taking ANOTHER step, then another, ok I.held.my.breath. did not want to say a word, to not break his streak, he took one step after another from the couch to the TV, a total of 10 steps before plonking himself down because the TV was in the way (damned the TV, or else we could’ve witnessed 10 more steps at least!)

I was so so proud. I immediately glimpsed at the clock, 7:40pm, 2nd October 2014. Another moment I need to record in his journal. I am sure his children or grandchildren insha Allah would love to see the date he first walked along with other milestones penned down nicely.

Several babies I know who are younger than Seth Omar have started walking months earlier, mostly girls. But I remember my late aunt telling me she was worried that my cousin Khayum took so long to start walking, then her mother (Khayum’s grandmother) said “ Don’t worry, what’s the rush, he has his whole life to walk”. I absolutely love here reply. She hit it spot on.

He does have his whole life ahead of him, one that is blessed, exciting, fulfilling, and gives him a place in Jannah insha Allah.