Sometime after Seth turned one his sleeping pattern at night began to change. He used to wake up once in the middle of the night for a feed say at 3 am, then again about 6plus. When this pattern changed, he would wake up every hour after 3am. No need for me to illustrate how tiring this was. I am about 3 months along now with Precious Cargo III, and the night feeds hit a new point of on the unbearable metre. I was beginning to get disgruntled.

I had a conversation with one of my colleagues who told me that her son started doing his nights (as they call here in Paris) when he was 1 month old. I was just so jealous. I wanted to follow her every step, but she told me it had to do with her son being a very big baby, weighed 4kg at birth. So she suggested giving Seth bigger meals, especially dinner. And so we did (but Seth always had a good appetite and is not a fussy eater, so I wasn’t that convinced that this was the problem). The big meals didn’t help. What did help eventually was when I fed him formula instead of direct feeding. If you ask why did I not this earlier, I did, but he would push the bottle away as if it was the most horrid thing I could offer him. But now somehow he accepts the bottle willingly.

I read that at a certain stage in the pregnancy milk production begins to fall, and I’m guessing I’m at that stage now. It is very sad weaning Seth, breastfeeding has been our special moment, just us. We still have many of those, but it was special. But this is part of the process, things have to change to make way for progress, my body is now focusing on his sibling, and Seth Omar you have begun your Abang duties my dear son, sacrificing for your sibling. May Allah keep you under His protection always sayang, Amin.