Two very special loved ones who I love with all the life in me, and are God’s greatest gifts to me, are celebrating their birthdays tomorrow.

My dear mother and son.

That Thursday morning last year on 16 May 2013, I went to Gleneagles for the bi-weekly check-up. I had taken the day off because it was Mama’s birthday, and I was planning to drive to Shah Alam after the appointment and join my siblings to surprise her with an iPad which we bought as a gift. I was lying calmly on the examination table, was quite heavily pregnant, 37 weeks and 4 days along, when Dr Suhaiza told us “You can have the baby today, you are already 3cm dilated!” Cutting the long story short, that night our precious Seth Omar was born, and I gave Mama a very special birthday present, her cucu.

They unfortunately will be celebrating their birthdays apart in two different cities, Mama in Kuala Lumpur and Seth Omar in Paris. But there is no doubt in me that Mama will have Seth Omar in her thoughts and prayers as she celebrates her birthday, and though Seth Omar is too young, I will have Mama in mind as we blow the little candle on Seth Omar’s

 May Allah bestow barakah upon them and keep them under His protection in this life and the hereafter.