The story behind Seth Omar’s new bibs.

Seth Omar is a very active baby, he cannot stay still haha. Which is good Alhamdulillah, but of course it can get quite tiring sometimes (he is not light!)

I make it a habit that he has his meals in his highchair. Not on the floor with his toys.or anywhere else. The training works, the minute he is on the highchair, he spits out his pacifier, ready for food! He can associate the highchair with meal time. Feeding him thankfully is also no issue, he is not a fussy eater, anything goes. Bu the tricky bit is because he cant stay still, he tends to get his sleeves dirty, because he leans left, right, then touches his mouth etc.

My initial plan was to get him one of those covers that we wear at the hairdressers. The one that covers the whole body but unfortunately I couldnt find any. So last weekend on our way to Jardin du Luxembourg I passed a shop that sold these plastic bibs, with such cute prints. So I got  a few. Much easier. At least I can use the same one for all the meals that day.Instead of using 3! Just wipe off the food-easy.

I am going to get a few for Noah Iskandar. And I am still on the lookout for the hairdresser type cover. Kesian Seth Omar haha.