When Seth was born there were a lot of adjustments that we had to make, or “get used to”. One of which was the immediate loss of sleep. Immediate. The nurse would come wheeling our lil one every 3 hours for feeds. I didnt mind, in fact I looked forward to it, and requested that Seth slept with me. I enjoy cuddling him while he sleeps, after watching those small lips suck away! It was only when I really needed to rest that the nurse would take him to the nursery. The 3 hour feedings continued, and there were many mornings while in confinement when I did not get much sleep (read zombie-fied), cos Seth would wake every 2 hours for night feeds, and need a nappy change, cos babies poop more during the first few months (he hated it, and so he cried).
But Alhamdulillah, Seth is not a fussy baby, at all. And Alhamdulillah he had no issues with colic. His atoks and opahs always puji and say “tak pernah dengar Seth nangis”. I praise Allah for granting us the ease and grace.
One of the early trainings we did for Seth was day and night differentiation. We kept the lighting dim at night and chats to a minimum. And the training paid off. Cos once we were back at our house, after the 44 days of confinement was over, Seth could differentiate.
How do I know? Well, dream feeding.
During the day he would take naps, and get up wide awake for feeds, but when he is down for his night naps which can be anytime between 815-9pm, and he wakes again for feeds, he would dream feed, gulping down milk with his eyes shut. And this will continue until 7 am! 🙂
I have also trained myself and him to sleep in our own beds. I would sit while feeding him instead of lying down which I know is more comfortable; but out of fear that I would just doze off, and risk lying or rolling over him, I dont. Also I dont want Seth to get used to sleeping in the bed with us. You see it is quite hard to cuddle and more with a baby in between 😉
We’ve also gotten the hang of bringing Seth out to malls etc. And I take pride in the fact that we dont lug a huge bag with us. Well we are able to do that cos Seth is breastfed, so removes the need to carry bottles, thermos, formula. AND I still carry a handbag. I said to P, I am not letting myself go, just because I have a child. Keeping a good appearance is even more important for mommies! Not as immaculate as the Duchess of Cambridge, but some effort put into the look nevertheless.
Basically we’ve found the rhythm that works for our little family. Seth has a tune that we recognise. Speaking of tunes, he literally has one for when he wants to sleep; its a distinct cooing that he makes when he wants to doze off. Goes without saying that I find it ah-dorable!
Introducing his first food this Saturday. I am extremely nervous. Hope he likes what I’ve picked out for him!