Alhamdulillah for all the blessings and ease that Allah has granted us. We got a new set of wheels last weekend J An SUV, my all-time preferred choice for a vehicle. I think it’s out of my need to compensate for my physical size. I am short, petite, whichever – so heels work, but on the road I prefer to be a bit ‘bigger’ or ‘taller’. I have been driving sedans all these while, sporty ones, not your VW Passat kinda sedans. So this upgrade to an SUV is one that I have been really looking forward to!

I’ve prepared the hospital bags last weekend, a bag for P and I. PC has his own bag. And a small bag for the labor room. The labor room bag has the following items:

– Air zam zam
– Kurma
– Headphones (for me to listen to the Quran while waiting for facing contractions etc)
– Bathroom slippers
– Phone chargers (P and I can no longer share chargers, cos he switched to a Smasung, gah!)
– Wet wipes
– Hairbrush (will want to keep my hair in place as much as possible)
– Prayer mat
– Socks
– Cardigan

(Hope I didn’t miss out on anything)

All the bags have been loaded into the spacious (I am happy) trunk of the new car. Oh, together with the car seat. I am 35 weeks along now, and I think it’s an ok time to load the bags. Perhaps some may think I am an eager beaver, but hey better prepare early then leave things to the last minute.

Working on our birth plan – homework that our Doc gave at our last check-up which we will discuss with her this Friday. A few key things to think about, epidural, episiotomy, birth position, banking cord blood, labor augmentation options.