I drove to work this morning, but after a long day at work I decided I wont be driving back. But instead will wait for hubs to pick me up. My office is in Mont Kiara, while his is at Bangsar South. He practically passes by my office on the way and back from work. The only reason why we dont car pool is because my office hours start at 9am, while his is at 10am. I am jealous, needless to say.

Traffic isjust terrible this evening, cos it rained so so heavily earlier. What’s new here.

Rain = traffic jam.

The rain extremely heavy, with lightning and all (the whole works) that I immediately called my folks to make sure they stay indoors and not drive out. And to steer clear of tall, big trees that might just tumbang. Just two days ago one of dad’s favorite tree succumbed to the wind and rain. I called him the next morning to give him my ‘condolences’ and he told me, he’s already looking to buy a big grown, mature tree to replace it. Yes, he doesnt waste any time.

P said, he was just about to leave office, its 8:10pm now. Traffic condition right now from my view, is not too bad. He’ll prolly get here in  20-30  minutes. I will spend the time closing some work, and  if time permits, have a last look through my tax filing before sending it off.

And then while waiting at the lobby later, I will think of a place to have dinner.

Bummer! Just got a message from my sister that she’ll be watching Iron Man 3 tomorrow! Thought of going for a big Iron Man movie outing with the rest of the family this Saturday. Bah! You will just have to watch it twice Nasha Z!