I am really starting to feel ‘heavy’ now. I hope I don’t look as heavy as I feel. I waddle a bit now, especially when my bladder is full (which is almost all the time). But don’t get me wrong folks. This is me documenting the journey. And not complaining. It is all worth it, so long as PC is healthy and safe. And I am doing well too.

My office mates threw me a baby shower last Friday. It was a joint baby shower together with another colleague, Aliaa. It’s a sweet feature of our department. We celebrate occasions wholeheartedly! Think it all started with Mrs Foo, a dear friend of mine, who just recently resigned for a higher calling – to take care of her newborn son, Marc. I can’t think of a better reason to leave the rat race.

She is super talented – bakes like an angel from baking heaven. Crafty like Martha Stewart’s separated at birth twin! So you can see why our birthdays and baby showers are celebrated in full glory and with the quirkiest of themes and décor.

I loved the theme for our baby shower – owls! Burung yang paling comel and pandai di dunia!

And we played a game too – guess the size of the baby bump! 39 inches was my measurement at 31 weeks, and Aliaa’s was 37 inches at 21 weeks. I can’t thank them enough for organising the baby shower and all of its great details. It really means a lot to me. Doing all the cutting and snipping during lunch time etc.

But I wish people would celebrate the dads more though. Poor dads-to-be. They are about to have their lives changed too. Although they don’t carry the precious cargo for 9 months, but they give foot rubs, and like P, holds my hand so tightly like I am a 90 year old grandma for fear that I would fall. Stops me from carrying anything remotely heavy. It’s very sweet. But really, apart from all that they are dads-to-be. Not right that the mummy gets all the attention.

So I was thrilled when Mrs Foo said to bring P along for the baby shower next Sunday. Which means P will be part of the celebration too, instead of just hearing stories and viewing the pics I took. Yeay!

Precious cargo is doing acrobatic moves now. I think PC is excitedly waiting for the baby shower too J