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Celebrating the March babies

Celebrated Nasha and Kak Wa’s birthday on Saturday. Kak Wa turned 17 on 17 March, and Nasha turns 26 today (she does not look 26, at all!)

Kak Wa had a birthday party on Saturday and we decided to also surprise Nasha with a cake. We succeeded cos she was very surprised! When P and I arrived, we left Nasha’s cake in the car, to make sure that she doesnt see it. Then when it was time for all of us to gather and sing for Kak Wa, P would sneak out, get Nasha’s cake, light it, and bring it into the hall.

P got the cake, lit the candles and waited outside (thanks honey!xx), but Kak Wa wasnt done yet with picture taking etc. I couldnt give him the cue to come in yet, but my cousin signaled that P signaled (yes many signals) that the candles were melting fast! Panic attack haha.

Thank God when I gave the cue, candles were intact, Kak Wa’s do was done, and Nasha was surprised. Yeay! Pat pat on the back team 🙂

Kak Wa’s cake was from Baskin Robbins – cooling ice cream cake, perfect for that warm Sat night. Nasha’s was a  Lola from Wondermilk. She loves candies, so the candy topping was a perfect fit.

Happy birthday! Love you guys, loads.