PC has been in my womb for 28 weeks now, Alhamdulillah =) And so far so good.

On Sunday, Mum, Nasha and I went to Jakel to shop for some fabric. I decided to tailor-make my confinement wear. The usual confinement wear for Malay ladies is kain batik, a top and a cardigan. Oh yes, socks. The socks has to be on all the time (except when in the washroom, or shower). The main objective is to keep warm.

It was quite troublesome going around in a kain batik because I am not used to wearing one. Plus I think kain batik + top + cardigan + socks is a shabby-look! No-go.

Hence the decision to tailor-make my confinement wear. It’ll be:

  • straight cut, with buttons at the front (easy to unbutton and breast feed Insha Allah)
  • long-sleeved (longer than ¾, shorter than full) – eliminating the need to wear a cardigan
  • long till about the ankle
  • using English cotton fabric

This way, I get to abide by the confinement wear requirement (keep warm) and still look presentable! Will use one of my mum’s nightwear which is of similar design as a sample for the tailor. Hope the dresses turn out as I imagined them, and will post pics once they’re ready.


Tired sister, after shopping for fabric on a hot Sunday afternoon.