Have to plan for a quick beach babymoon! We had our babymoon + anniversary + family trip in Italy in December last year. But that was during winter. Need some good time in the sun (although not directly i.e. sunbathing), but whaling by the beach and going in out for dips. Total bliss. I am sure PC would enjoy time in the sea with Mummy & Daddy.

I asked Dr Suhaiza what’s the next milestone for us – and she said 34 weeks. That’s 7 weeks from now. By 36 weeks, I’d be due for labor anytime! (eek! seeking Allah’s grace that all will go well and safe on the day).  36 weeks would bring us to first week of May. That means any beach trips will have to happen soon.

I’d go to Datai again in a heartbeat. But will scout for other options.

Btw – I think its scarier to go into labor now that I more or less know what to expect. The scare factor is less the first time around.I delivered Ali through vaginal delivery, and WITHOUT epidural. Dont go me wrong, my pain threshold is not that great, I cried out for epidural but Dr Suhaiza said its too late (tak sempat) – my water bag burst and the opening was wide enough that Ali could be out anytime. I started pushing almost immediately! That was an experience I will never forget.