Documenting the journey

P and I have been taking as many shots of our pregnancy as possible. Especially my growing baby bump. I am in love with it. Absolutely head over heels in love with it, just as I was with Ali. It’s amazing because it carries our precious cargo (who has been kicking and moving like a true champion!) Alhamdulillah PC and I are well, and as for my bump – I have no stretch marks so far, at 26 weeks. Hopefully there won’t be any. With Ali, I used Palmer’s Stretch Mark lotion, but this time around, I opted for Body Shop’s Beautifying Olive Oil – a blend of nut oils. It smells good and absorbs well. I still have the linea nigra (the line that appears on the abdomen), although very faint from my pregnancy with Ali. And I am happy I have it, it’s my baby Ali’s mark. My badge of honour as a close friend of mine said. I couldn’t agree more.

This was a shot of me talking to PC, on our way back from a nasi padang lunch. P got the shot, and it’s a keeper. There are a numerous other shots, but mostly at home, without my hijab – so won’t be able to share them here. I am also working on a photo book of the pregnancy. It’s one thing to have all the images in your phone,uploaded on Instagram/Facebook, but it’s much more special and meaningful when compiled as a book. I hope to show it to PC one day too, Insha Allah.