P and I are excitedly waiting for the arrival of our precious cargo, Insha Allah EDD is on 4 June 2013. Some of the early preparations to welcome PC has started, and now that I am 6 months along, we’re about to turn those preparations into actual purchases. Exciting times!

The stroller, cot etc. is the relatively easier part on the to-do list. I refrain from saying easy, because the many options available in the market make first time parents like us, giddy with choices.

Another thing that was on our list is the care of PC once I get back to work after maternity leave. We initially thought we’d get a maid, but after what happened (the story is as follows), we changed our minds.


The past few weeks, we have been actively looking for a domestic helper, or more commonly known as maids. We decided not to employ an agent 1) cos of the whopping unreasonable fees some of them charge and 2) many of the maids they offer have ‘issues’ (according to those who have used their services ranging from not knowing to use the toilet (yes! I kid you not) to the ones who have love affairs and decide to run away).

So we sought the help of my aunt’s maid who has been working for her for the past 13 years. I figured ok, she’s been here long enough, and even followed the family to Italy on our recent family getaway, she should be trustworthy to seek a good candidate.

Her husband who’s in Indonesia, managed to find someone from their kampung that wanted to earn a living here, so there we have it, a candidate. Unfortunately, he wasn’t so honest with the ‘cost’ of the arrangements (trying to cheat his way to earn extra, I would have given extra anyway for his efforts, but trying to rob me blind to get extra is just a no go) PLUS it didn’t help that I was not comfortable with the crude way he corresponded with me.

After deliberating, we decided not to go ahead with it, I didn’t feel good about it, and P advised that if I didn’t, I shouldn’t go through with it. When it comes to the care of our child, we will not take chances, including living with the slightest doubt of potential harm, in whatever form.

It also didn’t help, that a video of a maid abusing a 4 month old baby surfaced. It was plain cruel. I did not want to watch, knowing the effect the video would have on me. But it was aired on the afternoon news earlier today while I was having lunch, and I couldn’t escape the footage. The maid threw the baby around like she was making bread dough! I would have beaten the life out of her! Sick. It was just sick.

Now, P and I are seriously considering sending PC to the crèche at my office. It’s modern, clean and the best part about it is, it’s in the very same building, so I can check up on PC anytime. I am also fond of the thought that we will not have to sacrifice our privacy by having a maid in the house, and dealing with “unnecessary” issues that might crop up with having one. I pray and hope that this arrangement will fit us. Still working on it and hopefully all will work out well.