It started raining just as P and I made our way out to Jalan TAR to get some sejadahs. We went in and around the narrow streets trying to find parking. The closest possible to the shops so that both of us dont get too drenched from the rain. P insisted I wear his cap while walking out so as not to get my head wet. I heavy heartedly put it on and took it off straight away once I was under a covered area. Wearing a hijab and cap just looks plain silly haha. Spoils my look! But anyway there were a few sejadahs of different price range. We decided to go for the slightly more expensive ones cos they were thicker, wider and had nicer prints. We bought 3 pieces of similar color. The ones folded in the picture. We’ve been wanting to shop for new sejadahs for a while now but didnt manage to squeeze it into the schedule till today. It was also Maulidur Rasul and I think it was nice that we spent part of the day shopping for these.