P is quite big on recycling. I am more the when-convenient-recycler. But P, takes the effort to sort almost everything.

It is very unfortunate that we have to go for a 15 minutes drive to reach the nearest recycling center from our home. I was telling P about my time in Durham when recycling was a breeze, or rather, getting rid of the recyclable materials was a breeze.

Every Wednesday, the ‘garbage pickup’ will also do pickups for recyclable materials. The local council provides each household with different colored bags for plastic, glass, etc. And all you need to do is sort em out, leave the bags out at the pick up spot in front of your house and the garbage pickup will do the rest. Easy.

Thankfully, we have recycling bins in the SC. Its in the Lower Ground floor parking area. P loads the stuff into the trunk, I drive to work, dump the materials in the bins, then park my car.

But I wish we had a more convenient way of recycling. I am sure, then, more people would get into the habit of doing it.