About a week ago, I started getting these ticklish moving feeling in my bump. I dismissed it as wind (angin) or my tummy signalling for food. I wanted so much to believe that it was PC moving, but I didn’t want to get too excited. With Ali, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to feel him move, cos he was a bit small and I had a lot of fluid.

The sensations became more obvious as the days passed, and the thought that it might be PC’s movement became more compelling. Two nights ago, on 2 January 2013, P for the very first time felt our PC’s kick.

Minutes earlier I was getting that moving feeling, and I called out to P, who was lying next to me

“B, I think the baby is moving”.

I placed his hand right at the spot where the kicking happened (I’m assuming it’s a kick), and after a few short seconds, I felt it and so did P! Magical. The smile on P’s face was priceless.

“I felt it! It felt like this (he motioned a flick with his finger)”, said P with a huge grin.

Yesterday I went for a check-up. PC has grown (yeay!), to the extent that I was worried there wasn’t enough space. But Dr Suhaiza assured me, that PC had more than enough space. While doing the scan probe, Dr Suhaiza said

“Have you been feeling the baby move?”

To which I replied “I think so, but I wasn’t sure, and didn’t want to get too excited”

“Well you are feeling the movements, because even I can feel it while I’m moving the scanner”

So yeay! That confirms it! I was feeling PC move all these while. It means a lot to me, to be able to feel PC. It’s an extra connection.

That night, P asked me, how does it feel knowing you have a living being in you?

I smiled at the question, cos I thought that it was sweet that he asked. I told him that it feels amazing.

I feel like a very special Tupperware with a very special content J

I really do.