I am inspired by another blogger to document my peeing on the stick story. It was Saturday, 29th September 2012. P and I in typical Saturday morning style, slept in and woke up late from our slumber. By the time we got up, it was the ripe time for brunch. But I was already feeling queasy. I shrugged it off, cos just three days before that (before my period was even late), I peed on a stick and it turned out negative. So I thought, “Nah, I’m not pregnant, I tested 3 days ago and it was negative”. Besides, I do get queasy when I eat late, especially in the morning.

So P said, let’s just order in, pizza it was. I patiently waited for the pizza, downed it when it arrived. And…still felt queasy after. Very queasy, that I threw up! Threw up in the same fashion that I did when I was having morning sickness with Ali. Seen the Exorcist? Yup, that vomiting style.

Could I be pregnant? I still shrugged it off.

Later in the afternnon I had to make a run to Opah’s house to pick up something, what it was, I can’t remember now. I went alone. On the way, I decided to visit my dear Ali’s resting place. I told him how much I miss him, and that his daddy and I are coping better now, but he is always in our hearts and mind. Little did I know that while I was visiting Ali, I was already carrying his younger sibling. Masha Allah.


We were meeting the rest of the family for dinner that night at Chinoz, KLCC. P was cautiously guessing that I was pregnant, after the exorcist vomiting episode. Cautious because I think he didn’t want to get any of our hopes up too high.

Before going up to Chinoz, we made a pit stop at Guardian on the Concourse floor, and bought a pregnancy test kit. Made my way to the washroom. Yes, not exactly the best place to take a pregnancy test, a public washroom, but I had no choice. I went in the cubicle, opened the pregnancy test kit…great, no cup to pee in. I had to fold the instruction paper that came with it, into a cup! The ordeal. Should’ve just bought the more expensive ones.

Anyway I folded it with excellent precision *grin* And did the test. I dipped it and left it for a bit. Cleaned myself up, still not looking at the results. Zipped up. Picked up the stick, and there it was two lines. Two lines.

The same reaction when I saw Ali’s pregnancy test kit lines, I just went Oh my God, Oh my God. Smiling. Oh my God. Smiling.

I think some ladies in the washroom noticed me holding the stick (and my happy grin) while I washed my hands. I walked out, and saw P waiting patiently next to the optical store. He looked up at me, I smiled and nodded. He went “You’re kidding right?” No, I am not, it’s positive.

I showed that joyful stick and its two magnificent lines. We hugged. P said “Congratulations honey” and I said “You too”

That was the moment.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a precious cargo.

I am 15 weeks along now 🙂