A very good friend of mine is pregnant with her first child. The precious baby is expected to make its entrance in December. The best month in the year, cos its my birthday month, and there’s Christmas, my other favorite festivity next to Raya. Edna is usually the one who organises the parties at the department. Be it birthday, showers, Raya makan etc. And she comes up with the best party favors. She’s blessed with crafty hands. But this time around since since we’re celebrating her and her bundle of joy, the task has been assigned to me and another friend, Nikky. Today during lunch we put these together. The save the dates. I like it. And I am so happy Edna liked it too. Very nice to have her on the receiving end for a change. You’re the best Edna! And anyone who is reading this, you ought to be able to guess the gender of the baby šŸ˜‰