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Hijab style and choices have expanded so much since I first started wearing hijab when I was 19. A good 11 years ago. Back then, it was just a simple square cloth and a brooch or pin to hold it together. Later I was influenced by the way some of my Arab course mates wore their hijab. A rectangle black cloth wrapped neatly around the head, and tucked right under the chin. No pins or brooches involved. So this style was a winner with me. Its hassle free, and till today I still wear my hijab that way.

Nowadays, there is an endless list of styles to try. Get on You Tube, Instagram and there’ll be many hijabstas (the newly coined term for fashionistas in hijab) that posts tutorials upon tutorials of different ways to wear the hijab. I think the person who spearheaded this hijab fashion revolution was Hana Tajima, based in London. She does have impeccable style. I had the honor of being featured on her site, Style Covered. You can check out the post here.

Featured on Style Covered

I find myself wondering sometimes whenever I see a hijab style I can’t quite figure out. When I watch the video tutorials – its like a revelation. Wrap it to the left, then pin, swing the other side to the right and pin again, then pull it all around and pin again! Something like that. It’s a skill I tell you. Many pins and wrapping around involved.

I think what everyone should understand is that a style that looks good one on person will not necessarily work for you. And that’s ok, because we are each blessed with different features, facial contours. Plus we each have our own sense of personal style. So don’t feel ‘left out’ or not ‘in trend’ just because you don’t choose to  follow the latest trends in hijab wear.

For me, what is important is that I feel comfortable. That’s key. Secondly, the style should look effortless. Not overdone or over the top. Experimenting is fun, and if you’re lucky you’ll find a new style that works for you. But if you don’t it’s ok. Wear it the way you like to. Because the main purpose of wearing the hijab is not to look like you are fashion runway ready, but to cover your aurat.

What I think is essential is to have a selection of good pieces of hijab. Preferably of different material type. Ones for casual wear, the casual chic look, formal occasions etc. This is where I welcome developments such as Gadyss. An online hijab store which features a wide ranging option of hijabs. Cotton, cotton-silk, in different shades and pattern. It’s owned by a good friend of mine. She also shares pictures of her clients and friends wearing Gadyss’s hijab. Thats really nice. Cos I think every girl would like to be complemented for her effort in dressing up. For it to be noticed. So when your picture gets 16 likes on Instagram, you can’t help but feel a bit flattered 🙂

ImageI told my friend that I think what she’s doing is great. Providing fellow sisters with options to cover their aurat and look good while doing it. Check out their collection at http://www.gadyss.com or follow Gadyss on Instagram.

From Gadyss. Love the alphabet print.