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Our cat Xavi gave birth to three kittens four days before Raya. P and I were excited weeks before, especially P. Forever guessing when Xavi will pop…”I think it’s tonight”, “Oh my God, look at Xavi, I think she’s going to beranak”.

I woke up that morning to the sound of high pitched meowing – lo and behold Xavi popped her first kitten. I get very fidgety and nervous around this sorta things. The delivery of my own son, I was ok with. But my pet cat…I hand it over to P. Plus he has had the experience of being in the labor room with me. So this should be a breeze. P was amazing; he coached Xavi through her second and third kitten, each making their grand entrance an hour apart from each other. Yes an hour.

It all happened in our living room. P had latex gloves on. His wife was sitting on the stairs watching excitedly.

The kittens have since grown to become very playful kittens. Extremely amusing. I have no idea whether Xavi has a mix of boys and girls, or all girls/boys. But I’ve named each one. Tod’s, Gucci and Prada. I know, how very mengada of me. But whatever, they are our kittens, so I’ll name them as I please J

I don’t think I could care for three additional cats – but P doesn’t want to give them up for adoption. I don’t blame him, they are super adorable. I told P, the only way we could keep them is if 1) I only scoop Xavis poop 2) we keep them strictly indoors, so that they don’t bring in bacteria from outside. P agreed to both conditions. He doesn’t mind scooping their poop and he agrees to keep them as indoor pets, cos there are 3 of them, which means they have more than enough company in the house to play around with.

So there we have it, P and I, Xavi and her three babies.