One of the things I decided to do to ease my grieving process after losing Ali was to deactivate my Facebook account. I was not in the mood (at all) to entertain any questions, read status updates or view baby pictures. I know it may sound mean, but it’s the bare truth, I couldn’t. Many of my friends are blessed with children, and of course being proud parents, they often share pictures of their precious tots. They have all the right to do so, it’s just me. After losing our first child, viewing baby pictures only worsens the big loss that I feel.

It’s been almost three months now, and I am still off Facebook, and I plan to be for a while. I like the ‘peacefulness’ that it gives me. I am free from annoying status updates (not all are annoying, but a fair number are). And I feel liberated that I am rid of the habit of status updating or checking Facebook for updates. The biggest plus point, is a renewed degree of privacy – no photo tagging of me, not status tagging etc. Now I share what I choose to share on my blog.

I am not ruling out the possibility of reactivating my account – I may. But at the moment, I am truly enjoying this social-media free life.