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This is our then kitten, Xavi. She’s all grown now. But still not that big. She used to be a strictly indoor cat. Which meant that she was clean. We made sure she got her jabs from the vet etcetera. But P and I are of differing opinions when it comes to cats. I believe that cats are independent and not needy unlike dogs. Therefore they dont really need you to play with them so much. Ok if you do, but it wont kill them if you dont. P believes the opposite. So when Xavi was old enough go wander outside (exit through the back window which P likes to leave open sometimes) i freaked out but P was ok with it. I objected because it meant that Xavi was no longer clean, and she might bring back bacteria from outside into the house. And her coat will also be dirty. This was an issue. So when I was pregnant, I didnt go close to Xavi for fear of viruses and bacteria. I wish I could keep her in her old state. Exclusively indoor and clean.