The banter on the bench, that was the caption for this shot in our engagement album that I uploaded on Facebook.

Boo said  “the picture is so us, it really captured us they way we usually are”.

And its true. He teases me a lot, plus he’s amazingly funny, so instead of teasing back (well occasionally I do) I often end up just laughing till my cheeks hurt. Ta-da picture!

On a different note, I think the Malay songket is so elegant, yet manly. The songket is the piece of woven material that my fiance ( wide grin that I can call him that now) is wearing around his waist. The color blends with his baju Melayu so organically… the look is perfect.

And he is tall, the height allows the songket to fall well.

Yes, I am not going to hold myself back from any public display of adoration for my fiance.

He is fine looking and he does justice to the baju Melayu and songket!