Just as I was emptying 3/4 of my mug of coffee down the sink I realised that the goal of staying away from coffee is going to be achieved after all. I seem to drain out more each time.

To be honest I dont drink a lot of coffee, AT ALL. Real big time coffee drinkers would probably knock the socks out of me for making my coffee-drinking an issue. I have make at most 3 mugs of coffee a week – if you count how much I actually drink and subtract how much I end up draining out in the sink – then I’d say I only drink barely a mug a week.

I do intend to be caffeine free (well at least caffeine from coffee). I’m confident I’d be. Although I don’t think I will ever stop considering the smell of freshly brewed coffee sexy.

Above : a cup of hot choc for Boo, and if I recall correctly a latte for me. Bought to keep us warm while we wait by the London Eye to welcome 2010. Temperature was below freezing. I stayed in Boo’s jacket most of the time – was like a kangaroo pouch for me. It was worth the wait.