The hunt for the perfect set of travel luggage. I’ve always had a thing for bags. My sister and mom can testify to that. The many coat hangers that have broken thanks to me hanging more bags than it can handle is testimony to my love for bags too. Right now, I’m on a hunt for the perfect set of travel luggage. Need a set for weekenders, and also ones for slighlty longer trips. But there are of course a few things to consider, apart from the dough it’ll cost ( yes I wish my pocket was a lot deeper). The thing is I am not in the group of people who can boast a private jet as one of their options as mode of transportation (I wouldnt want to anyway, now that I’m a lot greener, and private jets would embarassingly add to my carbon footprints), and so that’ll leave me with commercial airlines. And since I dont pay an exorbitant amount for my tix, I doubt they’ll give my luggage any preferential treatment. So that means any fancy set of luggage of mine would just get thrown in with the rest of the luggages, regardless whether they spot LV gold locks on them or not. So say hello to the horrifying thoughts of scratches and dents. So how do I choose?  Whatever it is, I still want a set. The thought of matching luggages is very pleasing.

from Prada