It’s the Easter weekend. Durham has been ‘you could hear a pin drop’ quiet since last two weeks, when the Easter break officially started. I’m at the business school at the moment, have been here almost everyday for sometime now, waging war against Financial Modelling and Business Forecasting (FMBF) apart from other things. FMBF is proving to be one enemy that is difficult to defeat. But I will defeat it eventually,well more like I have to.

Weather is just so much more pleasant these days. The days are longer which is a plus point. Sunset was at 330pm during winter. My body couldnt adjust – and I ended up having 2 dinners and supper everyday. First dinner at 5pm then another at 8pm and since I’d be up studying.. snacks at 11pm. But surprisingly and much to my dismay, I didnt gain any weight, no thanks to my high metabolism rate, and my body using all available energy to keep me warm during winter. So I still maintained being French sized.

Choice of things to wear has expanded considerably too in spring, now that I’m not stuck with heavy winter clothing.I really disliked the winter days when I had to wrap myself up, and look like a miniature, more colorful version of the Marshmallow man. And since spring’s here, that means my spring-summer pumps are out too! I was pretty stuck with just rotating the 3 pairs of boots I had during winter, which was a super bore.

Last weekend I was in London for the UKEC Graduate Fair – SC had a booth as part of our UK Milkround, and I travelled down from Durham to help out. The Wilkins Building of UCL was abuzz with eager, fresh blooded graduates scrambling for job opportunities. Eagerness seemed to be the theme of the day. Graduates decked in their finest suits, arms filled to full length with company goodie bags.I on the other hand almost lost my voice after having to repeat myself so many times (from 11am-5pm) – when responding to the same questions from thegrads ‘What does the SC do?’ ‘What is it like working for the SC?’ We should seriously consider having one of those interactive machine things – have prerecorded answers to FAQs and then just have the grads press the right button to hear the answers to their questions. Brilliant!

On a different note, my brother just got back from Spain. His reply to my message when I asked how was the trip was  ‘Spain best gilerrrr, adik suka Barcelona’ (‘Spain was awesomeee, i liked Barcelona) Yes, i purposely added the 3 e’s at the end of awesome to correspond with the 3 r’s at the end of the Bahasa equivalent (although gile actually translates to crazy in English) ok nevermind, drop the semantics. Bottom line is – my brother had a great time in Spain. Now am just waiting for him to upload the pictures for me to indulge in some jealous-wish-i was-there session. I wanted to join my parents when they went to Spain last winter, but I had classes (the nerd in me is beginning to become more prominent  by the day, its scary). I’m definitely gonna make sure I do some travelling this summer.