Paris-based Korean artist Tae Gon Kim’s shimmering, ethereal dress is made of fibre optic cables. Its mysterious, ghostly shape can be glimpsed by eagle-eyed passers-by in a disused shop on Saddler Street.(From http://www.lumieredurham.co.uk)

I’m happy I decided to go for Lumiere tonight. 

LUMIERE is a four-day festival that will brighten the historic city of Durham, bringing a sprinkle of winter magic to the North East. More than 50 artists will create a breathtaking series of installations, illuminations and performances using light. Lumiere will turn the city into a winter wonderland, transforming its stunning buildings, streets and riverbanks, with a nocturnal winter festival that will amaze residents and visitors alike. (From  www.lumieredurham.co.uk)



I got a taste of winter magic alright. My friend and I made our way there right after class. Weather forecast predicted that it’d rain, and unlike weather forecast in Malaysia which no one bothers listening to, here it’s like the gospel truth. But that didnt deter me from going. Needed to let off some steam from the demanding study load.

The light artwork was stunning. I wish I had a video camera instead of a point and shoot. Cos my pictures really dont do any justice, at all. I was cold from the rain, my camera was wet, so rain droplets were all over it, which made it hard for me to look thru the eye piece. So shots were blurry, etc etc. Disappointed that I didnt get any good pictures.But I’ve loaded some here. Finally I decided, nah..forget capturing the moments, freezing or sharing them on Facebook! I’ll just soak it all in right now. The music, light effects was just amazing. My favorite has got to be the son et lumiere at the cathederal..description from the website below,

Durham Cathedral has been a place of pilgrimage for a thousand years, its extraordinary architecture and stunning stained glass providing a place of contemplation and sanctury for thousands of visitors every year. Now the building provides the canvas for an ambitious installation which uses the latest technology to transform one of England’s most beautiful Norman buildings into a spectacular illumination, 100m wide.

Projection artist Ross Ashton has worked all over the world, and has been chosen to illuminate buildings from Buckingham Palace to Sunderland Acquatic Centre. Now he is working with composer/arranger Robert Ziegler and sound designer John Del’Nero to create a son et lumière that will take your breath away. Using images drawn from the powerful history of Christianity in the North East, the visual material has been drawn from inside the Cathedral itself and from one of the most richly decorated, and important books of all time, the Lindisfarne Gospels, created in the 7th Century on Holy Island off the Northumbian Coast, and now housed in the British Library.



Walked all around town to see the artwork. Was great to see so many people coming out for Lumiere despite the rain. We couldn’t catch it all tonight, cos it got a bit too cold. So am gonna go this Saturday and soak in some more winter magic. And this time I hope I’ll be able to take better pictures.