It’s been so long since I last logged in to my wordpress account, that I just found out WordPress has a new look!

Well what drew me to my long-left-not-visisted-for-a-while blog was the coming of Ramadhan and the absolutely beautiful weather that we’ve had the past 2 days. A must to document in my blog. Rain in the morning, followed by clear and sunny skies. I could see further in the horizon than I usually can, which is refreshing after too many months of hazy weather.

Ramadhan has always been a special month for me, and I am sure it is to all Muslims. But I have an extra dose of “specialness” ….cos it was Ramadhan last year that the Nu Yorka asked me out on our first date, for iftar (buka puasa). It was certainly special..we had dinner and broke our fast together, not the typical dinner, or coffee meet up.

My doa during Ramadhan last year, consisted of constant prayers to the Almighty for him to murahkan my rezeki and to bless me with a companion (yes, I was feeling a tad worried about my single status set against the ever diminishing pool of good men). And so it was that on one fine day in Ramadhan, the Nu Yorka made that move and asked me out. I am most thankful that God buka his hati to ask me out, and buka my hati to accept his invitation…after that, it was the many chats, long conversations, trips to Pasar Ramadhan, iftars and more…and we’re where we are today.

God knows best. He really does.

I cant wait to celebrate our first iftar anniversary.

scrabbletinithis was at Zoey’s place last year – after our first iftar date..both still shy-shy flirt flirt haha. We had a Scrabble/Partini party after iftar. (L-R : the Nu Yorka, AB, Epool)