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I dont really follow that many series religiously. Am certainly not one of those series buffs that can spill the dirt and join conversations on Lost, Entourage, West Wing, 24, Greys Anatomy right down to True Blood. Dont seem able to find enough time to squeeze for too many series.

I follow one or max 3 at a time. Right now, it’s The Hills, Gossip Girl (cos Nasha insist that I watch it), and True Blood. I’ve dropped Lipstick Jungle, will resume that once i get my hands on the box set. The reason why I can watch the above 3 is because

  1. The Hills – all i need to do is go to the MTV website and watch it online. Free of downloading hassle. My girlfriends have been pestering me to watch it for the longest time, and alas I am. I’m not going to get into the debate of whether it is really all real or scripted etc. I just love to watch it cos it’s easy on the eyes..l the featured spots in LA, the wardrobe on the cast. Helps me wind down before bed.
  2. Gossip Girl – well this is like my sister and I’s sisterly-ritual to pop the laptop, place it on the bed, and watch. But i must admit that after watching the Hills, watching Gossip Girl feels a bit OTT, with the drama and all. Not like the Hills doesnt have its share of drama, it obviously must have drama or else no show la. But somehow with the Hills it doesnt feel too over.  image from
  3. True Blood – ah yes, age old vampire tales with a 21st century twist. On Astro, so makes tuning in very easy. As you can tell, am not fond of downloading stuff. if its a click away, then am on it.

Am also watching “the City” which is a spin off from the Hills, but  right now waiting for the new episodes to load on MTV..

So there you go..what I watch on telly..or these days, in bed,using my Macbook .

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