My dearest Nu Yorka parted with his mother last Monday, 11th of May. She had cancer.

Arwah and the Nu Yorka had only returned from Umrah the day before she passed away. She was admitted to the hospital in Mecca in the second week of the trip. But Alhamdulillah she managed to complete her Umrah before that.

Every call and text from the Nu Yorka  got me smiling & anxious at the same time. Pleased to hear from him, but worried about his mother’s condition, and how he was coping.He was the only male in the group and had to manage almost everything from medical to travel arrangements on his own. Their stay in Mecca was extended as his late mother was unable to travel on a flight.

To say he was strong would be an understatement. He was always calm when he spoke to me, and truly handled the situation like a man. Of course he was worried, who wouldnt be when watching your own mother ailing away.. but he always kept a steady head on his shoulders. Not a hint of panic, desperation..when the situation certainly would’ve permitted him to be so.

He managed to bring arwah back to Malaysia that Sunday, which was Mother’s Day. Although she did not have the chance to go home, as she was admitted into the hospital upon arrival, but she did set her eyes on her loved ones one last time before taking her last breath the next morning.

There was a point when I wasnt sure whether the Nu Yorka and his mom were going to be able to come back to Malaysia, and he wasnt sure either. I had already made travel arrangements to go there, as all I wanted to do was to be by their side. If they werent in Saudi but any other country (travel restrictions, mahram requirement etc), I would’ve flown out already.

I told the Nu Yorka..while every son, daughter today is busy whisking their mothers away to a hi-tea or fancy dinner for Mother’s Day, you gave your mother the best give helped her fulfill her hajat to perform umrah, was by her side constantly with love, affection and prayers and overcame all obstacles and fulfilled her wish to return home.  For me what the Nu Yorka did for his mum beats a Mother’s day card, dinner, tea, spa anytime.

It is never easy to part with a loved one. Time may heal the feeling of loss, but it will never erase the memories that will make you feel rindu. His late mother was a lady that was loved and respected by many. I will fondly remember her everytime I eat durian now, cos there was once when she ajak me masuk rumah and makan durian. May God forgive all her sins, accepts all her ibadah, good deeds, and bless her soul.