This is one of those times when I wished I could go to my boss and say “Boss, look at my face, I’m having breakouts, I dont feel like coming in to work till the visitors on my face decide to ciao”. But of course that shall remain wishful thinking – breakouts dont impede my ability to work..tsk tsk.

I’m having one of the worst breakouts ever.  I sometimes get one or two harmless pimples (that are not so obvious) before the time of the month, but this time around it’s more than two, and very obvious. Causes are:

  • its a few days before the time of the month
  • i’ve been missing the Nu Yorka
  • the weather that has been a bit more panas than usual lately

I hope my face clears out before Thursday – I have to emcee two events, one on Thursday morning,and another on Friday morn. a bit shy la to emcee and face a crowd while spotting unattractive spots on my face. sigh. ok i shouldnt get myself stressed out over this, God forbid another pimple erupts!