I finished the whole Season 1 of Lipstick Jungle, and I am looking forward to getting my hands on Season 2. I’m over Gossip Girl already. Somehow the Upper East Side teenage rivalry and affairs in uber stylish clothes is just not working for me anymore. Although the uber stylish clothes part is a permanent feature in Lisptick Jungle as well, but since it is decked on successful career women/mother/designer, it seems more real and relatable. And I must say I love each and every one of em.

The one thing that strikes me about series or movies that feature successful women is the typical morning- walk-in-to-the-office scene.  What typical scene? This typical scene…if its a series about a successful career woman who is THE boss at the office, the scene when she walks into the office in the morning will not stray far from looking something like this:
1) the lift opening and she strutting into the office in her power wear (no longer suit these days)
2) the assistant will be waiting for her, and she hardly glances at him/her, manages a “good morning” and the assistant then passes her her phone messages/reads them to her while walking with the successful woman to her office
3)then someone else comes along and hands her a mug of coffee (its always coffee…successful women dont drink tea??) or it could be the same assistant that passes her the phone messages
4) then the successful career woman takes her coat off, doesnt look at who she’s throwing it at, but there will for surely be someone there to pick it up for her

and while she’s doing all this,the successful career woman will be strutting fast in 5inch heels and will have the look of having 1001 things on her head, and when she walks into her office, someone will usually follow her in, to ask her to decide on something big, and almost always she will have that decision. Typical. Watch Lisptick Jungle, Ugly Betty, the Devil Wears Prada or whatever and you’ll surely see this scene. Which part of it is real? I know its not impossible to happen. I wonder if i’ll ever reach that stage where I will have someone handing me my coffee or green tea (what my Mum prefers I drink) in the morning? hmmmm..but it’s hilarious I tell ya, everytime I see such a scene, I cant help but chuckle. Look out for it, bet you’ll laugh as well.