I decided to check out  a photography exhibition at the Islamic Arts Museum last Saturday- The Art of Integration: Islam in Britain

The shots were lovely, some very powerful. I wish more were placed on exhibit. A lot of potraiture, natural I suppose for an exhibition on people. There were a few shots of Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) as well.

We went around the entire musem, well actually..almost the entire museum. The reason why we couldnt complete touring the museum was because I was hungry, as in very hungry – made the mistake of leaving home on an empty stomach and thinking I could last till lunch time. I was  just famished.

The New Yorker likes to take his time to look at each and every one of the pieces carefully. Especially the weapons and arms section. I would have done that as well but I was veeryyyy hungry. I think the mere repetition in this post about how hungry I was is testament to the gravity of my need for food that morning haha.

Saturday at the museum wasnt too bad at all. But the next time I go, I will make sure I dont go on an empty stomach. Empty stomach + museum/anywhere for that matter = bad idea ;p