Felt like it was only yesterday that Zoey pulled up in front of my house, with Elsie and Nina in the car, waiting for me to get ready. We were making our way to Aspa’s wedding reception.

aspa's reception

at Aspa’s wedding reception 2 years ago

And it also felt like it was only a short while ago that us girls, checked in at Impiana for Wan’s hen nite (I fondly remember the walk down to the pool at 4am, only to find that we couldnt go to the pool at that hour haha…obviously).

Well this year marks Aspa & Azza’s 2nd year anniversary and Wan & Zul’s 1st. We celebrated  Wan & Zul’s 1st anniv in full style and energy two saturdays ago at Sultan. Congratulations to both couples. Babies are part of the plan starting this year. So hopefully, I’ll be proud aunts to very cute little ones soon.