Work has been hectic. Just hectic. Mrs Foo knows well enough, cos she can hear my sudden cries of agony, to which she will laugh and say “still working on it ar?” and I dreadfully reply with whatever energy left in me “yes”.  

If it werent for the following, I would have knocked on the door of cuckoodom a while ago 1)  I actually like my job 2) I have swell, and i mean swell colleagues! 3) the New Yorker and his amusing ways of keeping me company online.

The week has just started to calm down , this is relative to the last few weeks. So, by calm i dont mean not having anything to do. I still have loads, but I can work at it at a not so hectic pace.

It is very comforting to have someone you can turn to and find immediate solace in at times like this. I should know, cos I have used my perks of having a boyfriend to the fullest the last few weeks. And I am beyond berterima kasih that he has so patiently listened to my rants and helped calm my nerves. Must la kan, kata he’s my boyfriend haha.

Well its going to be hectic again soon,its kinda exciting although admittedly tiring.  Ah well..

 cuppacakes frm NYThe New Yorker picked me up from work yesterday and greeted me with some cupcakes from Wondermilk .