the kuah tray @ Rajus

Nasha woke me up  this morning with a loud yell ”Kakak nak ikut pergi Raju’s tak, kalau nak, siap sekarang!”. All I could manage to reply was a lazy, sleepy ”hmmmmm…nak” then pulled the comforter over my head, curling into a new position.

I knew Nasha was gonna come yelling again, since I was still in bed ten minutes after the first yell. This time she yelled even louder and yanked my comforter off me “Woi cepat la mandi!”.Yes my sister loves me 😉 a lot haha.

So after dragging my ass off the bed, dragged my feet to walk to the car, Mom, Nasha and I made our way to Raju’s. It is the only place I go to for a good piece of roti canai. Dont care about what people say about other places but I’m a loyal Raju’s fan plus they have that nice under-the-trees sitting area outside. For those of you who want to check Raju’s out, it’s next to the La Salle highschool in PJ. Try the sotong goreng as well.