By far my 27th birthday was the best ever.Not because it was over the top, but because it was laden with meaningfulnes and love. As cliche or downright romantic as that may sound, but its true. And i love it! For this, I have the New Yorker to thank. We spent a perfect afternoon at Espressamante at Pavillion. We both love the atmosphere there. Each with iced coffee drinks and a slice of apple crumble to share. And since we’re such Scrabble-buffs,we pulled out our Scrabble travel set for a ‘friendly round’ of Scrabble (yeah rite…both of us are so bloody competitive haha – i lost by 5 marks btw tsk tsk) 

I was just totally smitten by the New Yorker, he holds the record for wishing me happy birthday the most number of times 🙂 and to top it all of he presented me with an unexpected gift. I already had the perfect birthday but the gift just added to its perfection. It was a charm bracelet with the most priceless charm ever! I can tell you its never going to leave my wrist.

We ended the night with dinner at Werner’s with Zoey, Elsie, Lynda and Epool. And also slices of chocolate cake fit with a candle.


What made my birthday this year more meaningful than the rest was the loving company I had in the New Yorker and the endless affection. And what I’m most grateful for is that his company and affection is something I have enjoyed everyday before my birthday and will continue to enjoy InsyaAllah for all the days to come.img_0253

Thank you mon cherie..