I am feeling blue today. I wish the flight tix to London werent so expensive and I could fly there and see my brother. Right at this point, I need a dose of his sarcasm & lawak bodoh. Used to take it for granted when he was around (Adik : kakak still repeat your mari lah join Parti – all night long joke k haha). 

I just need to break away for a bit – to go somewhere far, and see a familiar face. If Nasha wasnt having her finals soon, I’d drag her on a trip already. Cant drag Abang cos he’ll be going for a spanking holiday in January (jealous jealous).

This is one of those days when I’m feeling down in the dumps, and I cant quite tell what I can do to make myself feel better. Nadia is just not Nadia today.


They sometimes irritate the crap out of me but i love em. wish I could have all 3 at home..miss those days..a lot.