How do I even begin to describe the atmosphere here. Am at Rasta ( the New Yorker and I was not left with an abundance of choices of places to go for supper in TTDI + we were too lazy to think of alternatives). Back to the atmosphere – there are lots of what to my eyes look like young-lings who are prolly doing 1sy year in uni, and some working adults..most of them flocking Rasta for the match Liverpool vs Arsenal. Its packed to the brim.

I’m waiting for my nasi goreng kampung (not a healthy choice, I know..again a case of too lazy to go thru the menu scouting for a healthier option..not like I’d be spoilt for choices anyway).

Earlier, I was working on Norlin’s photo book for her MIL. It’s a compilation of pics of her kids – that she plans to give to their grandmom for her bday. Her kids are super comel..there were about 190 pics..and I couldnt cut out any..just couldnt.

Anyhoo, am a bit poofed. not in the best mood to blog. Later