My Blackberry suffered from a nasty fall last weekend, on Saturday to be precise. Slipped from my hand and fell! Had it not been for the New Yorker who was standing by me when the tragedy happened, i would’ve curled myself up into a ball, held my blackberry close and weeped (exaggeration intended for dramatic effect). Note:  I hate it when i drop my gadgets,especially my phone.

The New Yorker was very quick to grab me, and console me.. “oh the scratch is not that obvious”. Obviously lying to my face,to make me feel better, but it was a lie that I adore him to bits for 😉 My Blackberry was just not the same anymore, now that it spotted 3 hideous hideous scratches. I immediately ping-ed Glam (Imran – Glam is his nickname) my good friend, ex collegue, fellow Blackberry owner and asked him whether i could replace the housing. I was fidgeting while waiting for his reply. Anxious. And when Glam replied “of course can”, it felt like I just got a new life line haha.

See the thing with using a Blackberry, well at least in Malaysia is, Blackberry owners in Malaysia are not spoiled with accessories like Nokia and other phone users are. There are plenty of shops selling everything from batteries, skins, pouches etc. But with a Blackberry, you’ll need to purchase the stuff online. So i went to the official Blackberry site – and to my dismay the housing for the Blackberry Bold was not available.So i decided to get a Merlot skin (red) for my Blackberry, well they had safer colors like black, white, blue..snore bore..the Merlot caught my attention.Red but not too red. So I made the purchase and it arrived as promised within 5 business days, 2 days ago. I fitted it on and absolutely love the look! PLUS, it hid the scratches! Nasha liked it as well, so much that she was considering selling off her E71 for a Bold haha13122008120-1

Nasha caught my Crackberry moment – while driving sumore tsk tsk..oh yea check out the brand new skin

See what a Crackberry I am, a whole post just on my Blackberry. Well here’s to the new look!