It’s another installment for Gorjes – Zoey’s back with loads of new pieces. Background: Gorjes is the new clothing collection that Zoey started early this year. She doesnt design nor make the clothes herself, but she relies on her fine and avant garde taste in fashion to sniff out good designs and items for us to purchase!

So, I went to her place last Fri nite for first dips of Gorjes’s latest installment. The girls (Sherean and Lynda) and I stripped clothes  of and on like we were at the backstage of a Milan Fashion show! I loved most of what I put on, actually almost all of what I put on. By the minute my pile of things-Naddy-is-buying got bigger and bigger. I walked out of the house with a whooping hundreds on my tab, but I must say, it was worth the amount.

Spotted..Zoey on hippie mode.

The New Yorker of course gave me that “You did not just spend RMxxx amount, did you?” look + question, and I sheepishly nod, bat my eyelids a lil, hoping my deer caught in the headlights look will save me. But he’s alright, so long as I can justify my purchase. Which I did, showed him one of the pieces I got, which he liked a lot (weee!)..and I convinced him that all the other pieces were equally as nice..and I told him I wont be purchasing anything for the next 4, 3 months *grin* the New Yorker obviously did not fall for my shopping-celibacy vow haha. 

Anyway,Gorjes made its debut @ Threadszoo at Capsquare last Saturday and Sunday. Happy Hippyz fair! The New Yorker and I made our way there after running some errands,to memeriahkan suasana at Zoey’s booth. The place was meriah all right. I told the New Yorker, that it almost felt like a mini Woodstock was happening…mini only, not the real deal.

We finished at Capsquare around 8ish – with impressive sales made on the first day! woohoo. Helped Zoey pack up. Farah sold home-made pies too- sedap. Very entrepreneurial these people ;p Once done,  Zoey, her beau Epool, the New Yorker and I made our way to Alexis for dins.

I must say I am extremely proud of Zoey – hats off! To check out Gorjes, visit their blogsite (still new, the latest pieces are not up yet, but will be soon)