Earlier this year, I had a wedding photog assignment in Singapore. I was in charge of getting cheap accos for the other fellow photogs, and upon googling I stumbled upon this cosy backpackers hostel – Betel Box I was attracted to the pics of the communal area. Before making a booking, I was pretty sceptical as to whether the place would really be as cosy as it looked in the pics. I was happy to find upon arriving there, that it was. the beds were so-so la. Bathroom too. but if all you need is a place to sleep, shower, grab quick light meals, AND meet interesting travellers..then Betel Box is the place for you.

I still remember, waking up in d morning, after washing my face, brushing my teeth, made my way in my jams to the communal area and had breakfast. Coffee and tea is free flowing, local fruits as well. They have toast, jam etc etc, all on the house, or rather..fitted in with your bed-price.

ahh wouldnt mind a short getaway to Singapore, and staying a night at the Betel Box.

*Pics are from www.betelbox.com